Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sucking up game! Learning About the New Music Business

I know that phrase may sound a little crazy, but it's something a small circle of my friends uses to describe learning inside information about something.

Recently, a lot of people have been asking how they can learn more about the new trends and technologies impacting the music industry. So, for those who want to "suck up game," here are some places to start:

Music Business Toolbox – of course, I listed my product first! It's full of information and tools for indie musicians and labels who want to DIY.
Future of Music Coalition – The FMC is an amazing organization helping educate and empower artists. Check out the fact sheets. You can download them for free. Make sure you attend the conference in the fall.
One House – The site is run by one of the most prominent leaders and smartest guys in this space, Jim Griffin. Click on “Pho” and ask to join the list. But, make sure you set up a rule to dump all emails into a separate folder because sometimes we’ll get 20 or more in a day.
Music 2.0 book – This was written by another one of the leaders in this space, Gerd Leonhard, who also co-wrote the book, The Future of Music. You can download his new book for free, but it’s good to donate.
Coolfer – A good blog with the appropriate tag line, "Music and the Industry".
Digital Media Wire - A good source of information covering a wide range of digital media topics. - For years, Billboard has been the standard for music business news. Check out the Industry News Section of their site.

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